“A moving and uplifting account of the journey involved when coming to terms with a terminal diagnosis. Michael writes from the heart about his experiences from the time of his diagnosis, through a period of denial, then moving on into the treatment prescribed. We also hear the voice of Carole, his wife, as she also struggles to understand and help with their situation. Prepare to laugh and be moved by this heartfelt testimony to life, optimism, and one man’s refusal to quit.” Alison Taft, Tutor and writer, Workers Educational Association, Leeds.


“A fascinating and moving account of what people go through with a life-shortening illness, written in a unique style and format which is appealing and accessible, helpful and encouraging. It conveys the struggle and denial very well, the uncertainty about the future, frustration, and helplessness; and, lastly, the discomfort of the treatment plan. Balanced by touches of black humour, it approaches the topic in a way which is entertaining, offers hope, and has potential to help others.” Malcolm Henshall, retired teacher.


“A stunning little book – ideal reading for anyone who feels overwhelmed and depressed by their (or their loved one’s) medical diagnosis. It’s easy to read, written with great humanity and no little skill, and filled with psychological insights and tips for fellow travellers on this most difficult of roads…” Dr Michael Wilkinson, Consultant Psychologist and former academic tutor for Northern Region Clinical psychology training.

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