Author: Ian Wilkinson

Ian Wilkinson

Ian grew up in the northeast of England, studied at Nottingham, Edinburgh and Leeds, and then worked as a clinical psychologist helping people to cope with trauma, ill health and the dilemmas which life forces upon us all. In that career, he used metaphors, stories and poems to communicate truths to and from his patients, and also when teaching at various universities. But most important, he spent twenty years helping children and their families deal with trauma, illness and other dilemmas. Hearing the secret lives of others, listening to their internal worlds, thoughts and feelings, and seeing how these impact upon a person’s life and external world teaches you a lot about life. And learning how to put the heart of the matter into words is pretty useful for a writer, too.

He produced two editions of a psychology book (about children and families) and was known as a person who had an ability to sum up the crux of the problem in complex situations. This was very useful with patients, but sometimes got him into a lot of trouble with colleagues and managers…

…his ambition, however, was always to write novels. Eventually he decided  to make the leap and become a full time scribbler. (Hugely rewarding to his psyche though financially insane…)

You can read more on his website which also contains a number of press articles about his writing, or on facebook

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