Sometimes when I’m lying next to you early in the morning

My thoughts spread out from inside me like an ice cube melting

So that my mind is released and happily flows nowhere.

Then you wake up and ask me what I’m thinking

and I think, “Hell, I don’t know”.


Sometimes when I’m lying next to you late in the night

Your eyes come up to meet me like a door opening

Then my mind is filled with awe, that there should be such a door

And I wonder whether it is possible to truly see through

Then you smile,

and I feel happy and glad that I don’t know.


Sometimes when I’m sitting talking to you, at any time of day

Your eyes give me a look of concern,

Like a glance over one’s shoulder.

My mind is faced with something alive; I look over my shoulder hurriedly,

Only to find you behind me, looking at me over your shoulder

and in the distance

I hear two voices laughing at us.

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