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Release of ‘The Cardinal’s Hat’

The Cardinal’s Hat was released on 1st January 2019

Basil of Makri – a sardonic, irascible old man, once immensely rich and powerful, wakes to discover he is locked in a dark, airless cellar. Basil’s isolation and dreams revive charismatic ghosts from his past who force him to relive the glories, betrayals and tragedies of his colourful life. Only his sharp wit and sardonic humour keep him sane. His fate is bound up with that of Bernard of Chevreuse, a poor but pious French archer who joins the Fourth Crusade. As the crusade lurches from one disaster to another, Bernard gradually learns that wars can never be ‘Holy’ and that their roots lie in greed for power and money. Through each of them in turn, the reader experiences both sides of a terrible conflict and journeys back to another world, another time, and other Gods.

A copy of the print version signed by the author, with free postage in the UK, can be ordered through the contact details on this site.

If you prefer to use Amazon a print version can be ordered here

or a kindle version here

Milestone for ‘CROSSING THE WATER’

In August 2016 the 25th public review appeared on the amazon UK site (and on the US site 7 additional reviews have been published).

Most are very positive about the book and some have very thoughtful comments about the content, style, characters and impact of the story. Thanks to everyone who took the trouble to do this. There is nothing more valuable to a writer (or publisher) than feedback.


The Great Giveaway


One fine September morning 96 years ago, a small boy strolled across a bridge over a river leading into a small town in rural Ireland. Suddenly, all hell broke loose around him as he was caught in the middle of one of the very first cross-fires between the IRA and the British army. That boy was Ian Wilkinson’s father-in-law, Paddy Ryan. Twenty-six years later, he celebrated VE and VJ day as a career soldier in the British army who had risen through the ranks during world war two. Most of us have secrets, and some of us have secret lives. Paddy certainly had both – in a life both fascinating and typical of the fighting Irish in his generation, who experienced civil war, emigration, the great depression, and then world war two. His story inspired Ian so much that he blended it with other true stories into a novel that celebrates the lives of that generation and Anglo-Irish connections.

“Crossing the Water” has been described as ‘a masterpiece’ by Professor Alan Carr (University College, Dublin) and the public reviews on Amazon UK and US are equally positive (average score of 4.5 out of 5). As a way of celebrating many things (Paddy’s unique life, the 95th anniversary of the dawning of the struggle for Irish Independence, the 70th of the end of WW2) the Kindle version of this book will be available at half price each and every Sunday in September this year. The link to the kindle version of the book is


Money raised for cancer services through book sales



Author Michael Freeman presents a cheque for £300 to Ward J93 at St James’s hospital following initial sales of his book about coping with cancer, ‘Terminal One’, published by Makri press. Michael started the book, after being diagnosed with what was thought to be a variant of terminal cancer and referred to a palliative nurse. Fortunately, however, later biopsies revealed that his tumour to be treatable and following care on the ward, the cancer went into remission.

“I’m so thankful to the staff at St James’s for the wonderful care they provided following my diagnosis,” said Michael. “All money made from the book will go towards improvements on the ward. I began writing the book thinking I only had a few months to live. There is no feeling quite like that of being told there is nothing that can be done and that you will have to see the palliative nurse. I feel lucky to be here today to share my story,” he added.

Sarah Muckle, Senior Sister on J93, said “It’s wonderful that Michael is raising money through sales of his book. We really appreciate his efforts and the donations will be used towards improvements on the ward.”

Press release from the Leeds teaching hospitals NHS trust. (Luke Farley 0113 2067381) 


The Makri press edition of Michael J Freeman’s book ‘Terminal One’ took off on Saturday 11th march 2015 from the appropriately named Veritas wine bar in Leeds… snacks and music were provided and a good time was had by all, and over two hundred pounds was also raised for cancer charities in the process.

The author and his wife at the launch
The author and his wife at the launch

The Kindle edition of the book took off the next day, and the international (Amazon) edition of the printed book will take off as soon as the proofs are received and approved…

Latter-day ‘Lazarus’ celebrates recovery with a charity book launch

Michael Freeman first had cancer in 2006. In 2012 he noticed a lump on his face. The doctor on duty diagnosed mumps, but the lump stuck around; later a scan revealed a large tumour below his tongue – but initially no treatment could be offered, and he and his partner Carole were referred to a palliative nurse. Months later, a biopsy revealed the nature of the tumour and treatment began. Two years on, Michael is launching a self-help book for other cancer sufferers, aimed at raising funds for local services. ISBN978-0-9928485-1-4The reader is treated to a fly-on-the-wall view of how they got through this dark time, with poems which reveal their inner feelings, and helpful tips for those in a similar boat. His story shows the importance of seeking lots of help and advice to understand the choices you face; of asking questions if you don’t understand something; and of facing up to the choices you have.

Michael served twelve years in the Royal Navy, including five years on submarines. After this he spent his working life (1972 -2008) supporting children and adults who had been referred to Social Services and Voluntary Agencies. Initially a residential carer, he has also fostered eleven children with severe learning disabilities and is currently a ‘shared life carer’ for an adult who has lived with his family for twenty years. cropmikepuppetsMichael is presently working on part one of a humorous autobiography ‘Don’t Lose Your Paddle describing his time spent on submarines and surface ships. He and Carole have also written about fostering disabled children and Michael has created a series of children’s stories featuring a wheelchair user for children aged 4-10.

Book launch 11th April 2015, 11am to 1pm, Veritas wine bar, 43 Great George St, Leeds


CTW final cover

 ISBN 978-0-8485-3-8

The US paperback edition of ‘our first title is available now on AMAZON.COM and coming to other US online and offline bookstores and retailers in a month or so. For ease of distribution this version with the ISBN above is also available from Amazon in the UK. Bookshop and library sales in the UK will still use the ISBN 978-0-9928485-0-7





The doctor tells you, “It’s a very, very serious illness, but…

there’s nothing I can do for you…”

How on earth do you process that? What future do you have left?

What do you tell your partner, and how do they cope?

Read this book for a heartfelt testimony to life and

….one couple’s stubborn refusal to quit…

UK RRP £4.99