A new place in a changing world

Makri press is a small publisher of niche market books established in 2014; effectively a co-operative of northern writers adapting to changes in the publishing world.

The founder and editor has authored three books and over twenty articles and book chapters. He also supervised or assessed dozens of masters and doctoral level theses and dissertations, edited a post-graduate medical education journal, and was an editorial adviser for the (international) Journal of Family Therapy.

Brilliant books are like real ales; they come with a wide variety of tastes to be savoured.

In the 1970’s the large brewing companies swallowed up most of their competition and used relentless advertising to manipulate demand for cheap, tasteless beer. Real ales all but disappeared. Eventually, the public rediscovered their taste for good quality beer and now, small independent breweries are thriving again thanks to the quality of their products. Today, a small number of multinationals and supermarkets dominate the production and supply of books; they use similar advertising and discounting to push the products of a small number of celebrity authors. A plethora of brilliant books remain unpublished, though things are changing… small independent publishers are an increasingly important source of tasteful literature.

Makri press is proud to be part of this trend; a small independent publisher who aims to bring a small number of brilliant books to the world…


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