Initial press coverage

The ‘Darlington and Stockton times’ (front page) and the ‘Northern Echo’ both published reports about ‘Crossing the Water’: both focused on the incident which opens the book in 1919 – as related to Ian by Sheila’s father Frank Ryan, who witnessed it. Images of these reports can be viewed here.

The ‘Northern Echo’ also published an article by Ian, “Running Wild in Weardale”, an account of his idyllic childhood visits to the dale, along with some quirky tales from family history, and a brief mention of the book. That article can be read here.

Ian was also interviewed about the book by John Foster on BBC Radio Tees, and a recording of the interview can be heard here.

Finally, the editor of the Weardale Gazette published a very, very positive review of the book on 27 August; “the most gripping and memorable story I have read…I thoroughly recommend it to everyone”. The full review is shown below:


One thought on “Initial press coverage”

  1. Dear Ian,

    Full of admiration for your excellent penetration of the media and impressed by their response. I’ve only made a start so far, but can already pick up the strong narrative thread and powerful sense of historical significance.

    Have you yet ventured into digital format? Some entrepreneurial authors seem to have managed to use that system profitably.

    Struggling to keep up with any reality concerning Boro. It feels like more of the same self-delusion and inflated optimism – but perhaps AK is a different prospect?

    Saturdays are still fraught, but without the joys of Riverside trips!

    Love to you both from Mary and me.


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